Text Deflector
Text Deflector automatically responds to your incoming texts while you’re driving and does it safely, with NO user input. Text Deflector works by sensing and linking to your in-car handsfree device (Bluetooth, wired headset, etc.) and automatically responds with no user input to any incoming texts, notifying the sender that the driver is unavailable.

No data is collected, GPS services are not used, and there's no additional drain on your battery.

Text Deflector... All versions are 100% ad free.

Upgrade in-app to Text Deflector Premium and receive additional functionality: Available now for Android devices (version 2.1 and up). Currently an iPhone version is not possible as iOS does not provide access to incoming texts.

Text Deflector Free (Android Version)

Main menu (free edition) Devices screen (free edition) Help screen

Text Deflector Premium (Android Version)

Premium features:
Main menu (premium edition) Messages screen (premium edition) Devices screen (premium edition) Custom message screen Help screen

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